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Sleep Better in Bed This May

What the Royal Wedding Can Teach Me About Sleeping Better

Here’s how you can improve your sleep habits this Better Sleep Month, with a little help from the royal couple.

Better Sleep Month

The much-anticipated royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19 falls right in the middle of Better Sleep Month. The whole world will be watching these two lovebirds tie the knot, but what we won’t see is what happens behind closed doors. While every couple longs for wedded bliss, sometimes differing bedtime habits and behaviors can lead to disagreements and sleeplessness down the line, from disputes about who tends to snore to who hogs the covers (I suspect even royalty have a few bad sleep habits).

Based on statistics, there will most likely be debate between the two as to whether the window should be open or closed at night, if the down duvet should remain on or off the bed, and whether a night light should be used. According to the Better Sleep Council, one in three Americans reports that their bed partner has a negative impact on their own sleep, because these are the kind of issues that affect getting quality zzz’s.

While I anxiously await the royal wedding, one question I’ll certainly be asking is, “Am I better in bed than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?” Based on my sleep knowledge and current sleep habits, I’m willing to bet that I am!

Get better in bed during Better Sleep Month with the help of the Better Sleep Council and Lissa Coffey

Since Better Sleep Month is a perfect opportunity to improve your bedtime performance and sleep behaviors, the Better Sleep Council has a few suggestions that you and I could apply to our own sleeping arrangements – and even the royal couple’s.

  • Every couple will need a queen-sized mattress or larger, because each person needs enough space to adequately move around without disturbing the other. (Having extra leg room is always a plus!) If there is ample space in the bedroom, the prince and his bride should opt for a king-sized mattress – and if they aren’t sure which mattress is right for them, I recommend they take the Better Bed Quizzz to kick things off.
  • Looking for new bed linens? Request ones made from natural fabrics. Cotton can “breathe” and feels good against the skin. Soothing colors like white, blue and purple help to create a soothing atmosphere in the room, one that is conducive for sleep.
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  • The bedroom should be a respite from the world, where one can relax and retreat. Set the phone down to charge on the other side of the room to help you resist the temptation of looking at messages when you should be sleeping. (I admit, I’m a sucker for checking my phone in bed from time to time, so this is something I plan to work on!) While the young couple will likely be checking the news to read all about the goings-on in the world, they need to keep laptops, televisions and other tech devices out of the bedroom.
  • While the thermostat should be set to a comfortably cool 65-67 degrees, some find this temperature quite chilly. For those who like it warmer, double-fold the blankets and wear flannel pajamas to bed, or a pair of socks. If you get too hot at night, a fan can help with the heat, as well as provide a source of white noise that can lull you to sleep.If one person’s snoring is keeping the other awake, check the pillow situation. There are many pillows made to help keep airways open and prevent snoring. A bed with an adjustable foundation that elevates the head is also helpful, so keep that in mind.
  • If one person’s snoring is keeping the other awake, check the pillow situation. There are many pillows made to help keep airways open and prevent snoring. A bed with an adjustable foundation that elevates the head is also helpful, so keep that in mind.
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  • If there are different bedtime hours, have the night owl use a torch (the British word for flashlight) to maneuver around the room without disturbing the one who’s sleeping, but make sure it has a yellow-hued light rather than blue or LED. In the morning, the one who sleeps in can wear a sleep mask, so the early bird can get up and get going.

Will I be better in bed than Harry and Meghan? Who knows. But I will say “I do” to a healthier sleep routine.

Sweet dreams!


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About the Expert

Lissa Coffey, a lifestyle, relationship and wellness expert, is a spokesperson for several national brands, including the Better Sleep Council.  A successful author and broadcast journalist, Lissa has penned 12 books including the best-selling What's Your Dosha, Baby? Discover the Vedic Way for Compatibility in Life and Love – the only book ever written about Ayurveda and relationships. For more visit www.coffeytalk.com.

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